If you have information about wildlife trade that you would like to add to the Wildlife Trade Portal, please upload it using the form below. This could include full datasets, or even specific images or documents.

If the information you are providing is linked to a record that already exists in the Portal, please quote the record ID(s) in the Additional Information field, or simply use the "Report Error/Update" button on the record itself.

  • Source – preferably with a URL link where appropriate
  • Date – at least month and year, but preferably full date
  • Country of Incident – plus specific location where possible
  • Any associated countries in the trade route – in chronological order where possible
  • Any associated species – e.g. species seized
  • Commodity type – e.g. tusk, etc.
  • Commodity quantity – weight/count/volume all accepted

If you would like to make a suggestion about the data on the Portal, or about something you feel could be improved, please use our Contact Form.

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